• samir_vandana 10w

    Dont look at me with judgy eyes, Barely I have stared walking upright.
    I just woke up from rustic slumber.Do u see these scars? Scars from the bars that i was under.

    I sat a little longer to ponder the journey behind and ahead in wonder. And you came running to slaughter the tiny little thunder.

    Oh! These fleshy thighs? I will curb them slender; I have that in mind. Food pacified the jitters I had. Yes i was under depression.

    Yeah! These blemishes on my face. They don't please me as well. I didn't choose them and now don't know whom to blame?

    Everytime i slip my tongue instead of imitation i expect a reparation.
    Its too soon to announce the fathom of my dream by the proficiency you have seen. I am still on run and my capabilities are in process of perfection.

    You might call it a word- ugly, cynical and naive but they have great imapct.They feel like a stone rolling inside my head. Before anyone upstages me at least let me begin the race.

    Its easy to hate than to be affectionate. Major of them have chosen revenge but the infinity that I did take to stand up again doesn't favour this distaste.

    I understand . It was never intensional and you also never thought this little would be any instrumental. But even a little matter inside an empty bottle.

    Let me take time to gather the weak pebbles that lies paralyzed beneath the poker face of mine. How can I centralized might to seek pursuit of life if you keep deflecting the contemplation inside.

    Yout little cheer could eradicate the fear of mine. If ever anybody said your notations did not alter their determination, they lied.