• safiyapm 10w

    Earth, thats what they call me,She said.
    But i wasnt listening for i was lost
    in the beauty of this blue and green
    In the beauty of the roses
    growing on her cheeks.
    In the wonder of how,
    She held up her blue so high
    And made it look it like her crown,
    Even with the weight of the world
    on her shoulders,
    strong and stubborn she stood.
    If you are to see what i saw
    Then you'll never dare to blink.
    With green grass growing on her skin
    She is water;she is life.
    But her mind has untracked forests,
    Growing deep and wild.
    Where her deepest secrets
    hide behind the woods.
    It is when the blue moon shimmer
    above her tall mountains
    You hear her weep,
    burning deep down her core.
    Dont you ever veiw yourself
    through their eyes, she said.
    And i wondered how she knew me so well.
    They see me through drawings of maps,
    yet my seas has not calmed down a bit.
    for i never bottled myself in those maps,
    What limits is only their veiws and not You