• thespiller 22w

    Unwanted dreams

    These dreams where u find a way or other to peep in.being so silent. expressionless.never darting those eyes towards me.not even once.and when i give it a thought for a long time it becomes more like a physical pain, being ignored by the person who means a lot to you. Alas!even in my own dreams i cannot control ur actions.and if i ever find u talking with some joy i get shocked u know like what is going inside my stupid head this is not real.and then i come back to reality being startled and realizing it was just a dream, another one which had u in it roaming around me.then comes another question comes why in d world me and why d heck he and why in the god's name sooo many times.i bet its like a recurring one with d same dress code just d circumstances change.and yes i am never happy that i saw u.how can a person see the same person in his or her dreams so many times .its like every thing else in d world has just vanished.who am i the ultimate hater?