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    "I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything.
    Maybe we’re from the same star."

    - Emery Allen

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    Counting sunsets

    You and I, walking different roads
    Wearing different shoes
    Turning different corners
    Are we walking towards each other?
    Counting steps as we do
    Knowingly, unknowingly
    Before we walk into each other
    As of now,
    You under the Eiffel Tower, maybe,
    And I beneath cherry blossom tress
    Half a world of humans and seas
    Lying between us
    An intangible thread of fate
    Pulling us close - and ever so closer
    Counting sunsets as I go -
    Tracing my steps through clouds and skies
    I await the sunrise
    The sunbeams dancing on my feet
    I shall take a step but I won't move
    Your toes touching mine -
    I will find you -
    The end of my journey; the beginning of my life.