• jalaal_writes 9w

    Mahatma Gandhi

    We people have thepower to fight against injustice and torture of others but can we fight against these with non violence?, we must have patience and a strong will power and a power to control our anger and our temper over such happenings. We know that what is happening in our country like crime, murder and terrorism and that's why in our country we have soldiers and policemen but they don't do violence they defend us. But in today's life in some political issues or religious issues some people are burning vehicles burning areas and harming our country which results in deaths of innocent people and this is all due to violence and that's why we Indians must respect all the Indian citizens of our country and we must treat every Indian as our friend and relative and we must follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi because he was a great personality like a saint who lived his life in such a way that he never lost in movements which helped him to win the freedom his autobiography teaches us to always follow the truth and to never be evilminded in our lives and his lessons really helps us to walk on a successful path guided by God