• shalini_shaw06 10w

    Love can happen twice.

    Who says that love happens only once in a lifetime?
    It doesn't. It happens twice, thrice. (Obviously not daily)

    Sometimes it just happens and you don't even realize that you love someone.

    You simply like spending time with them, sitting silently sometimes with your head on his shoulder, sharing your fav food which you generally don't with anyone else.

    It's for all those little moments that you wish that you get to see them even for a while. It's for the smile you miss when they share their stories or flirt with you.

    It's the gentle kiss on your lips or your forehead. It's about the hug that calms you just after a fight. It's the wish of seeing them soon just after you depart from him.

    Love doesn't really see the time. It doesn't have to cross months or years. It just happens in all those little moments, in all those silly fights, in all those phone calls (hiding it from your parents)

    It's not always thinking about future, sometimes you just wanna live with them because you've just one life to live for.

    Love is just a pure feeling of genuine care even if you're an angry. Love is shouting at them in person but dare listen anything about him from someone else.

    Love is just a blend of all those happy and sad moments. Love is also giving pain to your loved ones. Love is curing them too.

    Love is that click you feel with someone which you rarely felt with others. It's the spark, the chemistry that brings him closer to you. Love is just so pure. ❤