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    Wrote this... I don't know in what means...
    Maybe I scribbled some personal tone...
    Means no harm to anyone's beliefs for it's just mythological folktales n the content for sure varies...������

    // Born To Prove The World//

    Heavens and all Kingdoms
    Feasted for the day
    When the king of Gods
    Being a man was afraid
    To have a man as his son
    As his heir of the throne
    Forth he chose a kóri
    Over the most wanted huiós
    It's the tale of her, she was born;
    The law bounded Vasilisa was born
    When the world celebrated
    The birth of a woman
    Unlike the trend of todays'
    Amid the swaying men power
    Ignited the glory of women
    In power wrapped with cuirass
    It's true that beauty comes with expense
    Since she was perfect yet proudy
    Never left a name that could dare
    To let her fame out of the line
    She's the flame of woods
    Vanished the pride of power in Poseidon
    And proved the world
    That he was a coward
    Who escaped the justice, withheld_
    Alike the one wicked fallen
    Who victimized the creation of God
    But could never dare to touch the God
    Bound by law she binds the wrath
    I wonder if she could damn
    Her damsel for deceiving the law
    For falling under the trick of a man
    Then where might the man stand
    If he were not the immortal.
    Hundreds of heroes were ushered
    To the destiny in history by her
    She graved her epithet higher
    Amid the sovereignity in power
    For she heard only the hymn of triumphant
    A virgin who proved the world
    She was a woman and will be
    Despite the fact she never bore a child
    For the fact she was born to heir
    And prove this world
    She was a woman in power and glory...


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