• sanathepoet 30w

    Nature is not poetic

    Nature is Not Poetic
    You said it right
    Yes, nature is not poetic
    And hell yes
    It doesn't rhyme with us either

    But let me tell you
    For the last time,
    Till the time
    Drills a deal with hills
    Or streams keep turning into dreams
    Nature can't make any sense

    It is just expecting harvest
    From a barren land
    Yet this is not what I want
    You to remember
    When you read this poem

    I want you to cry, shout,
    Ponder upon this fact
    I want you to peep into
    Your past done act
    I want you to question me,
    Yourself and the whole world

    Why has mother nature
    Always been assaulted
    I want you to raise questions
    They might be stupid, maybe plain
    Maybe uncomfortable -
    Still they ought to be raised

    Why is it that we keep
    snatching more than we
    actually need from the nature?

    I don't want to assume
    right or wrong
    When nature will start thinking
    about the significance
    and irrelevance of your
    behaviour and of your
    Version of the truth

    There definitely will be a few
    Protests on that very day
    No matter how similar
    Or different it maybe,
    I know
    It surely won't be poetic

    So start worrying
    Pen it down
    Say it aloud
    But smile
    Keep calm
    And tell everyone.

    You are right,
    Nature doesn't rhyme with us
    Yes, it is not poetic
    But neither are we with it......
    ****Jyotsna Misra 'Sana'