• the_racounteur 10w

    The world of paradox

    I love paradoxes, oxymorons, contradictions, dichotomies, whatever you call it... I've seen them all.
    Some people who are so doubtful about every single thing they do, yet love themselves to the point of narcissism.
    Some, who love breaking rules and crossing boundaries still they cannot break down their own walls.
    The ones, that have ice in their veins. Nevertheless, you can see the fire burning inside them in their eyes...
    Those, who have iron-will... But they see softness everywhere. They are loving but can freeze hell over with a glance.
    The ones, who always forgive everyone, before they even apologize, yet they couldn't find it in them to forgive themselves.
    And the biggest paradox, that everyone knows, is when from the outside, everyone says "they're fine" but, on the inside, everyone knows, they're not...