• creepy_medusa 6w

    My Lost Battle

    Fighting a battle that was long lost,
    a battle,never seen,
    In the absence of death and trauma.
    The entirety inside was dark,
    not a shred to hold on to.
    "I'm fine",
    a magic term to dodge a story.
    Infinite words in my head,
    Destroying me to pieces,
    Every sharp piece piercing so deeply,
    that I couldn't even resist.
    My mind, once flooded with lively thought,
    Crumpled as I paved the way through,
    Infested with gloominess and melancholy.
    Waiting for a pinch of light,
    In this unrealistic world,
    Full of fake people and greediness.
    A battle against the evens, against me,
    To break the standards of society,
    Who force us to stay in the flow.
    Can I ever win a battle that was long lost?