• mamzie 10w


    Sadness, anger, tears and pain
    All in exchange for a single fame
    Trust, sweet words, food, what hasn't been laid?
    Terrible things rushing down in exchange like an aggressive rain
    Tried my possible best, did everything I could again and again
    But what? All went down, all was in vain
    Did everything possible in the world to make US sustain
    All the terrible thorns, enemies and anything keeping us from our dream lane
    After all the efforts, nothing was what I gained
    Or better still, broken pieces of me was all that remained

    I thought over it repeatedly was it my fault?
    Was I not strong enough in maintaining US?
    Or maybe I wasn't enough an adult?
    Cause despite all, all I got were terrible results

    I treated you like an honourable, an amiable
    All the shitty things you do just had to be excusable
    Was I actually that vulnerable?

    You come and go, always flying away like some kinda balloon
    Welcomed you back with open arms always like a moron
    All you had to do was call my name sweetly in a syphon
    It was like you were my satellite, my own moon
    I thought I was in love with you
    I was in love with not being ALONE