• charvi_mehra 10w

    As I look at him,
    I turn around.
    The white shirt guy with a cigeratte, I don't know you anymore.
    "A tall handsome man with curly pushed back hair, white T-shirt with maroon layering over it. Masculinity in his voice exploded illusions of love and that extraordinary back still works the same with me. Mesmerizing smile and shinning eyes, coming towards me with an expression that is more like a magic worked well, like a dream came true or like a charm which would never fade away."

    #hurt #love #life #ink #poem #raw #pain #you

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    "An irretrievable face with a shadow of my magic cursed to be reversed back.

    ..Wearing White shirt with a cigarette burning just as my hurt heart in his palm. Eyes of gold holding myths of today, tearing my faith apart.

    And his masculine voice, a little softer than before takes me back. Spurious smile and vicious vibes killing me with each step he is taking towards me.

    As he is Spinning between my dark nightmares and daydreams of joy."