• uncle_sam 5w

    TO MY EX

    I didn't want to leave you
    I wanted to stay
    but you said I had to go
    and you threw me out.
    Now you are back forcing me to be with you,
    but time has changed and taken me.
    You couldn't keep up with the flow,
    so I don't want you to slow me down.
    I am really fine just being myself;
    I'd be happy if I never saw you again.
    So stop saying you still love me,
    and that you cant stop calling me your love;
    we broke up,
    we are done,
    we were through,
    kindly stop picking up the pieces of me you never had.
    The things you say,
    don't mean a thing.
    The things you do,
    bring pain;
    you so lame.
    Why can't you just
    let me GO?
    I don't want you
    I don't know how
    else to say this.
    I don't love you.
    You say I'm a God hater,
    you say I treated you as trash,
    you said I saw you as a project,
    you said I used you
    Yet all i ever did is love you and sacrificing all i had to make you smile.
    I lacked to make sure you are okay.
    You're a two sided person,
    you TOLD me you loved me,
    next you said i was too immature to date you.
    So why do you want me back?
    Is it because you are pregnant?
    All I know is I can support the kid; give the kid all the fatherly love he/she needs but i cant end up being with you.
    I don't need you with your baggy sweat and regrets
    I don't want you either like I used to.
    I just don't feel it anymore in my bones,
    My heart doesn't beat for you;
    I don't want your hate or benefits.
    I never hated you
    I don't need that sparkle in your eyes
    I have oxygen and hope to stay alive.
    I just don't want you back in life.