• writeendlessly 10w

    Superman Complex

    I use to believe I,
    Was Superman.
    I would chas after the bad guys,
    Save those in need.
    Have zero weakness
    But a green rock,
    And my heart.
    I thought I was the Man Of Steel.
    I thought this
    For 29 years.
    For 29 years,
    I took anything and
    Everything thrown at me.
    I lost people,
    I sacrificed
    My entire self.
    I selflessly,
    Made myself
    Stronger then I thought.
    I can't leap tall buildings in a single bond.
    I am not stronger then a locamotive.
    I am not faster then a speeding bullet.
    I am not Superman,
    I am not a victim that needs saving.
    I am human.
    I have flaws.
    I have cracks
    I am damaged.
    I have a hero,
    That is her.
    She doesnt need a cape.
    She doesnt need a shield
    I need her,
    She needs me.
    We save eachother