• dbeau4u247 9w

    struggling with my thoughts

    Im far from perfect i have my flaws and my demons but i try to be a good man and try to love as hard as i can.. This past year and a half has totally destroyed me and im working on getting myself together becoming the man i once was and who i should be.. Its a work in progress i wont give up but please dont give up on me.. Its gonna take time, its gonna take patience, and nothing happens over night for anyone or anything im not where i wanna be but I'm doing a lot better than i once was.step by step day by day some days are gonna be worse than others mistakes are gonna be made but that doesn't mean the process is over that just means i need to try a little harder to reach my next goal.. I just hope my people and my loved one's can hang in there for me while i work thorughly with my struggles to become a better man.