• an_inkstain 10w

    Whether a struggling adolescent or a wise senile being; our existence in this world is troublesome and beriddled with hardships which often wear us out.

    We only need perspective to look for the simplest of inspiring moments within routine occurences in the very nature that surrounds us. #nature #inspiration #poetry #life

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    Earth and Clay

    What ails you, o youthful soul ?
    An indelible writ, some treacherous dole?
    The delusion, that is fate's generous design;
    Or, some unsated yearning, you repine?

    There, in the depths of the unseen
    Amid the moist groves, lush and green
    With mirth flows the meandering brook,
    Glistening with many shades, forbear, look ...
    For, Here is an ethereal solace bestowed,
    Unbreached by woes,in this tranquill abode.
    In this serene woods, unspoken and kind
    Abounds, what you desperately seek to find;

    A moment's respite, a glimpse of the divine...

    And what grieves you, frail, senescent being
    The gloomy dusk, past the bountiful spring?
    Mayhaps, the meagre share of ill-spent time
    Seeking futile persuits worth not a dime...

    There in the glades, the pansies bloom,
    Gleeful, sans a hint of imminent doom,
    Come winter; when spring shall fade
    Those gay petals shall wither, ashen and dead
    And yet they bloom, though death is nigh
    The irrevocable fate; do they ruefully deny?
    The enigma of life, who can wholly discern?
    Well, dust we were, and to dust shall turn...

    In earth and clay shall our being, to eternity sublime.