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    When Sophia entered back stage after completing the final round , other deselected candidates were literally shooting daggers at her and if eyes could kill, she’d been buried 6 feet under ground by now but as if she cared !
    After fifteen minutes of break that seemed like hours , judges finally arrived holding the results in their hands..

    One of the female judges who was in her early 50’s started speaking before radiating off a charming smile that was as bright as sunshine ,
    “ Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper are selected...”
    She was cut off by the two winners who couldn’t control their happy screams. But she neglected them continuing again with a stern voice,
    “ Miss Veronica and Miss Betty are selected as the co-hosts of the show. “
    She took a pause and continued , “ We tend to judge your performance by not only your speaking skills but also by how good your fashion sense is. And our today’s winner chose to wear Love. Today, a kid was assisted by this sweet heart who was brutally injured due to a dreadful accident but not many of them cared to take this into notice and few people were busy witnessing the accident like stupid spectators. Her elegance with which she helped the child and her never ending fire to give her the best though she was completely aware about her messy outfit are the “ two rarest jewels “ she chose to wore today. Please give a big round of applause for Sophia D’souza who is now the main anchor of our show !”

    Sophia didn’t know how to express her happiness in words. She tied her messy hair confidently with a proud smirk on her face leaving some of the strands of her hair on the side of her cheek by mistake but didn’t attempt to make it perfect as she walked making a clinking sound with every step her sandals take clearly resembling her , “ I don’t give a damn , “ attitude. She again turned her sarcastic grin into a real elegant smile just like the first time when she entered the hall which caught people off guard while the shimmering sparks of her eyes danced like the charismatic flames of fire depicting the spectacular combination of the ‘ two rarest jewels ‘ one had ever witnessed, “ ELEGANCE AND FIRE ! ”


    The- End

    Told ya, it’ll be finished sooner than your expectation..!

    So people, wear the jewels of elegance and confidence and do what fire does the best , Surprise Them When They Least Expect It !
    *Boom* 🔥

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