• nehapatil 24w

    When our paths crossed, my heart skipped a beat. I felt you are da one..
    When our eyes met I peeped in dem nd felt my presence in your dreams..
    When you talked, I understood the secret language you used to show me my worth in your life..
    When ever I felt sad, you were always by my side, holding a cup of coffee and just looking into my eyes and a innocent smile on your face which made me think of no past, no present.
    Now I remember only those moments, when we are together..when we smile together..when we fight together (for a piece of pizza).. when I crack silly jokes bt you still laugh.. when I make mistakes and you correct me with that love in your eyes
    Everybody can tell the meaning of love. Bt u taught me the meaning of life..
    PS. I love you.♥️♥️