• ylviia 9w

    I don't care

    It's hard to keep on fighting without a reason
    Although there are plenty
    I don't seem to care about them
    I am selfish, I am aware
    But everything seems to doze off
    All the things come and go
    And I am just a watcher
    I sit there, I observe without really realising
    What's happening?
    What's going on?
    Cuz I don't care and I don't want to
    My bones shiver, my body aches
    I don't care
    Everything doesn't mean anything
    All is just a scene happening
    I can't feel, I won't
    The pain is too big yet so small
    It's senseless
    I am emotionless
    All I wanna do is give in
    It's wrong, so selfish, so dumb
    But I don't care
    I still want it
    Cuz we want things that are forbidden
    We fight against it, we always do
    But still, it's all a blur
    So foggy, so unclear
    I am here yet I am already gone
    Cuz I don't care