• harshith_125 10w

    Deceptive Reality

    Ripples of tragedy
    Swim in the puddles of words.
    Loosen the thoughts of solace
    Juggling the truths of pain.
    Forbidding acknowledged love
    Doom the power of destiny.
    High aspirations of prominence
    Dull the labour of livelihood.
    Tormented poetry about dreams
    Dwell upon fallacious reality.
    Knitted words if appreciation
    Ponder on being felt.
    Damaged heart of kindness
    Bestow in front of ghosts.
    Wisdom of craftsmanship
    Manipulate the edges of sadness.
    Poetry if despaired words
    Cry for a company of humanity.
    Soul full of disturbance
    Pray by the the tune of dirge.
    Writings by the black ink
    Rekindle the faith of mercy.