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    Hey, Champ hope you great✨
    We might never meet each other still I know you
    You boy/girl don't know but you're special
    Someone who will soon be born to your mother.
    Girl, whom I love with my whole heart
    But I am not your biological father
    Rather I am someone who's apart from that
    Your someone, always there for you
    Whenever you command.
    Thinking why I am telling this to you and
    Mind baffling all around with thoughts when you will get this letter If you get it by chance.
    Be relax, your mother never loved anyone more than your father and I never ever loved someone more than your mother...
    She's the girl every guy have fallen for in our times
    I am also one of those guys but with the exception
    That I got a chance to be your mother's friend
    She is a wholehearted person, She never complicated situations rather face it with ample ability.
    And your father has got a person one always admire
    Doesn't mean that I am unlucky,
    Despite I am luckier than him as he got her
    but I named myself to her wholly
    But I always wished that one day I will have her
    but not without the same love as I feel for her.
    I have always used to imagine All of US as home
    later did I infer she is someone else better half.
    I wrote this to you as I know she can never be mine
    and don't want to win her rather love her which I am still in with her.
    I am telling all this as I always wanted to have a family with her but destiny has other options for me
    That is being single but internally married to your mother. Because you are that part of her blood I always hope to spend my every day with as a biological parent of yours...
    Your First sight through my eyes and holding you first with my hands and wrapped under my arms.
    Me and your mother sitting together and me full of tears of happiness pouring out in the joy of having you in my life, I hope I could be there.
    Your little hands and toes are the first thing I would hope to see, please do get pictures clicked champ
    Your mother, fully passionate girl for photoshoots
    And new Clothes,
    Your first word, which I might not hear but also do record it too
    Your toys which I will send for you through a parcel
    May reach you first as I cannot attend your born day celebration. It will get me tears out of eyes not because you are born but you are not that part of my blood that you of your mother.
    I hope I could take you to the morning walks and could see your first step of the walk.
    Your babbling voice during sleep nights, the most precious talk I would miss it, also record it too as I can only hope.
    Your smirking smiles in the sleep or when your mother feeding you and you been playing smart my champ.
    You're laying down over me and we both together,
    Two children to your mother, I will miss it.
    If you're a boy
    then teaching you the values and seeing you respecting everyone irrespective of where they belong.
    Seeing you enjoying with your grandparents and
    those happy faces of them making me Feel
    Complete with All Of US...
    Getting you trained with whatever sport you like
    And seeing your growth day by day to a great son
    Supporting you in every turning point of the Life...
    And If you're a girl
    Will be giving my princess every happiness she deserves like her mom,
    Seeing my princess getting grown-up
    with all values, one should do
    Neve hesitate to correct us whenever she finds unfair
    Will be the best friend for you, princess��
    Every passion of yours is our life motto
    Dropping you to school and picking up you back to home after my office work's done.
    I Hope I could do it all, no worries Not me but your biological father will experience this happiness step by step.
    I will not be there but whenever you wish for me If your mother ever told about her Generous Idiot.
    Otherwise will be by myself find you and will be experiencing your birth, not from near but from far
    Always remember your mother is the best girl
    I ever Encounter my whole life...
    She is the jewel of my life
    and You, the diamond of that Jewel without your presence she is my only love and after you, I can truly entirely say I have found my ever last happiness of life, Champ always be with her.
    I never have been in love with anyone more than her
    Every word of her voice whispers to me the feel of
    Pure soul canvasing my heart with all Beautiful shades of the world.
    Be like her and learn the pattern of love and life.
    She, maybe not my Juliet, Heer, or Sahiba but I am her Romeo who has never named himself for anyone other than her. She is the reason for my life and every path to success.
    Never let her feel alone as she fears dark but with your bright shimmering charm, she will be more strong like every mother with her born child.

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    Letter to champ

    Iridescent pearl matured from the Fetus
    Possess redolent aura like her
    little cacoon evolved from the shell
    Nurtured you nine months inside the womb
    Protecting you from every little worry
    You are the chrysalis of a butterfly
    Soon will be brought to the world
    With wings veneer holding love and freedom