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    Mamta panigrahi

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    Our days at JNV

    From childhood to this age,
    Iike seven colours of sun ray.
    Several attires, several dress,
    still we miss our skirt in gray.

    From frocks to drapes,
    to tight from loose.
    We miss that "Bata" chappal,
    and "Bata" white PT shoes.

    Four colours for four houses,
    missing that house t-shirt too.
    From hair band to ponytail,
    sometimes one and sometimes two.

    That lazy morning PT class,
    were running across the track.
    But end up getting surprise
    punches in the back.

    And after the PT ends,
    running race of a hundred metre.
    Then taking bath in mass and
    fighting for a bucket of water.

    Although that was not that bad,
    when reminding the food.
    Yet we sometimes threw up,
    thinking "it's not good".

    When it comes to Sunday's "pudi",
    we were not that kind.
    How to bring that sabji to the hostel,
    we used to keep in mind.

    We really loved to eat that sabji,
    by mixing it with "mudhi"(popped rice).
    & used to run through other way,
    by throwing the thick fat "Pudi".

    But in case of "Imly rice",
    we couldn't neglect going mess.
    Some used to ask for peanuts,
    if anyone didn't like, in case.

    Stepping front of loved ones,
    we used to get in line.
    No matter what their reaction,
    the people left behind.

    To reach before the prayer starts,
    we all had to run.
    That was shameful to be punished,
    and really not a matter of fun.

    As soon as the school was over,
    the bell rang for lunch.
    If anyone refused to go to eat,
    was ready to take a punch.

    Washing the plate of food,
    was one of the funny chapter.
    Were out of the queue unknowingly,
    and found that a while after.

    How can we forget the games period,
    where we were bound to play.
    Then we used to pray together,
    whatever be the day.

    We can't even forget going
    the evening study class.
    Where study was less and
    more of chit chats in mass.

    Wishing for a heavy rain,
    to skip the morning PT.
    And fear of participating
    in the assembly activities.

    Movies and TV shows on festivals,
    were another exciting race.
    That was not found again
    after leaving the captured place.

    How can we forget doing
    all the task by ourselves.
    Were washing clothes, a bucket full,
    taking nobody's help.

    Might be for a silly reason,
    sometimes we used to fight.
    Without realising what wrong,
    and what would be the right.

    We played, studied, ate,
    walked, talked and ran together.
    Regardless of the situation,
    we were having fun together.

    Oh! Friends, we all together,
    whatever was the reason for gloom,
    we used to fly again,
    and again try to bloom.