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    My face was teary
    When I bade you farewell
    Your face was illuminated
    Because we paid a visit

    For days in Ramadaan
    Though you only fasted for some days
    Because of your ill health
    But your steadfastness amazes me

    You’d recite Qur'an with your phone torch
    Until we felt you needed some rest.
    While asleep, you’d call
    To inquire if solat has set in

    Patience I learnt from mama
    Discipline I learnt from papa
    When I was informed about
    The state of your health

    My eyes were filled with tears
    Because I know how far we’ve gone
    To ensure things go right.
    Only Allaah has the knowledge of the time

    My mind isn’t at rest
    Every call that comes in scares me
    But if Allaah says the time is near
    All I pray for is death with ease

    Death free from kufr and shirk
    But if not, may the weak bones
    Remain strong and healthy
    May you live long upon khayr.