• sheenacatherinebelle 10w

    My Twlight...

    While Watching you from a distance,
    I'm worried that,
    You might disappear like a dream..
    I am afraid of losing you,
    So I hold you tight...

    There are signs of love left in the elapsed time of the four seasons,
    But, I hope my love can lasts here with you.
    All this time,
    The stars and moon have fallen and disappeared, but my love never changing , sincerely hoping for you.
    My heart only want you to surround me,
    Until the sun rises and return to its original position,
    I want you to light up my world..

    You've been on my mind ever since I saw you smiling at me.
    You're the morning dew that has fallen soft during the night on me..
    Baby ! I'm just falling to you,
    People come and go,
    But I won't stop loving you...
    My love will ever, stay forever because of you...