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    To happy endings!!! Cheers!!! �� �� ��

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    A Happy Ending

    Is when you know you've succeeded in life.
    And you know you've done it when you can look back to your life and say "I did the right things, I've made the right choices"
    And you can confidently leave the world in the hands of the next generation knowing you've taught them all they needed to know.
    You've done you're job, and you did great. You've made your contribution.
    You've met people, you've went to places.
    And you have loved and been loved in return.
    You learned from you're mistakes.
    You made the most of what you were given.
    It may have been one hell of a bumpy road,
    But you've reached your destination.
    You're home.
    And you enjoyed life every step of the way.
    And now It's time to go.
    To where another adventure awaits.
    To where all ends meet new beginnings.