• fallen_42 23w

    Take a bit of stardust and sprinkle it as required. Put a bit of starshine and half glass of wine. Add the swirl and twirl of galaxies, with mysterious dark energy. Pour your heart with love too much and some bittersweet words of your loved ones. See darling that's how you add sour to sweet in a perfect balance. Add the fragrance of petrichor and let it dissolve. Slowly till it accompanies every atom of the wine. Stir it with your thoughts. Too much or too less. It won't judge. Let the fragrance of it all fill your lungs with the air you were holding on out of fear. Did you ever breathe all this while or was it just the inhale and exhale in loop which life forced you to do? Let the taste of it stay on your tongue for a bit while before you gulp it down your throat. Slowly close your eyes, seeing the blackness of universe, drinking it whole. As if it's the potion to this disease called life. Curing every curse of disappointments, heartbreaks, failures this life has given you. It will pain a bit. All those open wounds you carry in your closed heart. But it will make you drunk on happiness. They told you never to get drunk. Didn't they? Darling this time, just get high.
    For universe will heal you. Black holes sucking out every remnant of sadness that hides in your cells. The constellations will hold you tight and those stars will reach your eyes. Your eyes will shine again. Trust me just once, it won't go in vain.