• nitsparkle_ 9w


    Taunts: Making someone upset by saying unpleasant
    and cruel things..

    Each and every taunt given by someone to me piercing my heart deeply..��
    With the arrow of their "staunching words"....

    Giving me another kind of hedeache, sometimes I think why I am like this and another time how they can say like this..��

    Sometimes it's their irritation or other times it's the bucket of their incapability which they burst on my head...��

    Sometimes they misunderstand me this much that they even don't care what they are saying...
    Or other times it's because i am not following their choices and wants...

    Sometimes they taunt because they beat in something which they never expected to..

    Although every one say it doesn't hurt but deep inside we all know that it do hurts alot..
    Especially me..����
    It may be a long time, still those words come out from the grave of my mind anytime..

    Giving me goosebumps and the same unpleasant feeling..

    Sometimes we regret too..
    Because we keep our mouth shut at that time, when we should right turn back to them..��
    Which hurt later on too much..

    Because it's not their right to insult anyone or make fun of someone's flaws..
    When they really don't know them..��

    Still no one is gonna change this world, because they never see their own flaws...
    Whenever I think about...�� �� �� �� ��

    I always remember Carry minati..����
    He said the truth..no one can change this world..
    It's good to either turn back to them or forget whatever happen..��

    And those who think that their taunt had helped alot of people in their life..
    So let me tell you, your simple advice can help them alot rather than taunting..
    Because it may cause negative effect too in the life of that person..��
    And they never do to make change in their life but to entertain themselves or to show their frustration..



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