• xdank_lolx 9w

    By xdank_lolx #love

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    My life is a fucking mess
    It will be like that unless
    You are gonna be the one that I possess

    I have gone through so many guys
    Till my heart can try
    But the truth is that my eyes
    Have no tears left to cry

    I feel like I am doing the same mistake
    That I do always
    Searching for guys in sake
    Of getting the love that I want to make
    Which turns out to be fake

    Even though I fall into the same pit
    I dont realise,
    Cuz they say love is blind
    That's what I find

    The love I have for you will never change
    Even if you ask me years later again
    I am damn sure that you are the one in my heart
    Who will always remain