• aparajitaapra28 10w


    So you murdered an angel
    Now you will be entering hell
    And your real face is revealed
    Nothing can be any longer concealed
    Omg this gutter is stinking
    I dont know what we were thinking
    The entire nexus is busted
    All these irons are getting rusted
    Now smash bullywood, me and you
    This charsiwood and its partners are in queue
    We want to see things and people that are new
    Charsiwood and dawoodwood you are a rotten stinking piece, shame on you
    Lets see how far you will run
    NCB is gonna give you summon
    Now dont give people gyaan on health and fitness
    When your anti nationalist and druggist activities are on public witness
    We want to see this dirtywood
    That is no good
    With people so uneducated and illeterate
    Spreading terrorism and hate
    We want to see you perish
    And that is the scene we will cherish
    Now dont come to defend you are guilty
    And we will stand in this fight with unity