• grim_lyssa 5w

    Oh Love, Oh Love
    I feel selfish,
    Like if I stay for Love,
    Then I do Miss,
    I fail, so I remain unmoved.
    But then,
    It just so happens,
    My Father sends proof
    And the Universe lines up,
    In favor of TRUTH
    We, are connected,
    This is now completely
    Thank you God, My Father
    And Creator,
    I am sorry for always asking
    The same question!
    I just need to know,
    I'm not making choices for my own self worth,
    Or with any underhanded intentions,
    I have to know, if you approve of anything I do,
    After all, I'm here on Earth, to do your will,
    And serve you,
    I do not want to let you down,
    I look carefully around before I jump down,
    Or up, or to the West,
    Or anyplace you want me to go,
    I will, and I will throw all other ideas away,
    But God, correct me if I'm wrong to say,
    Marraige, can in fact, save the human race,
    It took only one to destroy us,
    Now you cause another one to take it's place, or replace,
    All the old errors, and mistakes,
    And in this sense, I would be honored if this is what I am to receive,
    I, am, more than elated,
    I know only and ending and
    Brings about a BEAUTIFUL beginning,
    Which has been wrote,
    Longer than one would suppose.