• subhashgokari 6w


    A Regular Revenge Commercial with Ultra Grandeur & A+ Grade Treatment in All Departments. Better than Recent Hit Biggies like 'Aravindha Sametha' & 'Maharshi' cause of the "Action Genre" which we've been missing since a long time. That Hyped Dubai Chase Sequence Action (excluding Jetpack's Bits) is Terrific & Never Before On Indian Cinema Screen. Period.

    ✺1st half & 2nd half Screenplay/Summary :
    Though the film opens with an interesting note, it later falls flat till the pre-interval & interval bang.
    The second half holds up only for it's three Action blocks with terrific climax.
    Generally a action thriller supposed to be crisp, Saaho could have been a easily good film with half an hour trim. Movies with good potential become like this due to length.
    Saaho lo fans stuff Chaala undi kaani emotional connect ledulhuu Anduke aa range -ve talk, konchem emotional connect unna baundedi.

    ✻Major Plus : Lead pair, Chasing sequences, interval block, Last 45 minutes, Breathtaking visuals, Cinematography, Hero Presentation, Songs, BGMs, Rerecording, Production values & Decent vfx.
    ✻Major Minus : Length of the movie, High expectations, Weak Plot/Storyline, Weak antagonist.

    ✸Final Words:
    There are few movies which you shouldn't go with ratings/reviews, Just watch and appreciate the attempt to take telugu cinema to next level.

    ✼BoxOffice : Content wise average, Hero stardom should take care.

    | Recommended : Big Yes | Boring : 15% |
    | Commercial Hit : Depends On Long Run |
    | Breakeven : Depends On Long Run |
    | Range : Above Average |