• kavya_ravi 6w

    So this is why I waited.

    I am a work in progress, and our love story will be my masterpiece. But be reminded that if there’s one thing that I will never question, it is your love, for through it, I will breathe again, and because of it my world will never be dark again.

    I can’t wait how we would first meet, the first words we’ll say to each other, our first date, the first cafe and the country we’ll visit, our first anniversary, our first kiss. I can’t wait to feel the sound of your voice, the way you smell, and how your hands would perfectly fit into mine. I can’t wait hearing your rants about the things that annoy you and your happy screams because of the things you adore. I can’t wait to share every moment with you, no matter how mundane they are. And while we’re waiting, I will continue praying about you, hoping for your earliest possible arrival.

    You see, I always have to be reminded. I have to be reminded that it’s all going to be okay, and that you love me. I will ask you to simply hold my hand because your warmth will be the only thing that would comfort me. And lastly, I hope you like little love notes and love letters, no matter how corny or cheesy they become, for I will never get tired of writing words of love and affection for you. You will be the greatest poem I will ever write, and your voice- the greatest voice I’ll ever hear.

    Finally, although it’s too early to say this but thank you for coming into my life. Cliched, I know, but still I would like to thank you for your patience and your endurance for making it this far. I would like you to know all these things. I am not afraid because you are my hope and in your heart lies the answers to all my wonders. I love you, my future human.