• pranjalshukla 24w

    " You can't be in love with somebody in such a short duration.
    Its a big and overrated word ".
    " True, I agree mostly but,
    Feeling that goosebumps, vibes, automatic shyness and silence when she's around can be love in a short span too.
    Its vulnerable but not extinct ".

    He's a totally confused and fucked up freak. But things, events, heart was pumping something different now. Those same " wow " moments was being felt by him which he once used to feel.
    The best part is he knows exactly now what it is coz he has experienced everything, like a hell lot of. ( At least in this area )
    The line on which he is standing is the most beautifully dangerous one. Those fears, issues are on one side and those stares, vibes, smiles on another one.
    But he was prepared for it. ( Remember he's a confused, fucked up freak huh )
    Somehow he'll manage himself. ( A lot better than before )

    He wanted to fulfill everything this time, no regrets. But maybe a part fulfilled would also be sufficient. ( Will make him happy coz she is happy too )
    No matter how much confused he is, the guy is sure about one thing.

    And you know what..

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