• aesth_eticwrites 6w

    Loving God is the most peaceful thing ever.
    We  do so many minor or major sins in our daily life, so manyy sins and still there is not a single day you sleep without having food .You see His love?!. So even after not being close to Him ,He's blessing you with so much. Imagine being in love with Him and getting bigger blessings from Him. Imagine being His loved one. But for that you need to love Him first. Allah says in the quran
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    Allah is always there for us, we just need to take one step towards Him. And the day you start trusting Him, and the day you'll be in love with Him , i swear your materialistic wishes will end these worldly wishes will end. You'll realise He is more important than this world. The things here are temporary but His love, His blessings are perpetual . And you'll feel yourself at peace. So loving God is not an ordinary feeling, that love is just different and so much more beautiful.