• djfernz 10w

    It's Not The Same

    It's been three months since normal,
    Then began the mayhem.
    From being with friends all day,
    To dreaming of being with them.

    Things started to look different,
    The struggle to get commodities.
    WiFi and television somehow,
    Turned into my only activities.

    Stuck at home in the lockdown,
    With lots of time to kill,
    I sat playing pubg,
    Followed by Netflix and Chill.

    Movement became restricted,
    No travel plans and nowhere to roam,
    The only thing that I could possibly do,
    Was to have some tea and work from home.

    I miss my buddies a lot,
    I miss the way I used to breathe.
    The company of friends and watching football,
    Is what I really need.

    I'm slowly getting used to this,
    Trying to find some quality time.
    I try to calm down and say to myself,
    "we'll get past this Quarantine"

    From seeing people walking on the streets,
    To realizing that everyone's gone.
    I understood that things end, people change,
    But, life certainly goes on.

    This pandemic may go away soon,
    Then we can open the locked doors.
    We will go back to being ourselves again,
    But, it's not going to be the same anymore.