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    Dear Shah rukh Khan,

    I was a little girl when i first saw you on a screen that was fifty times bigger than my body. I started liking you as an actor back then. Everyone thought it is my childishness. Later, I developed a huge celebrity crush on you when i turned into a hormonal teenager. My friends used to tease me because of the arguments i did in favor of you. When i grew up into a young adult, 'dear zindagi' made its way into theatres. I. Was. Flabbergasted. I am the kiara of my life but all i lacked was Dr. Jug. My parents did not find the movie so engaging. You know why? Because they do not empathize kiara. I wish i could tell them that their daughter empathizes. I wish i could tell all those friends that 'dear zindagi' is the movie i was waiting for. That movies like these are the reason i stuck by your side. I wish i could throw it on their face that your character became the therapist i was finding in them but couldn't find.
    You made me realize that ki ki ki kiran in okay. That stuttering is okay. I wish i could make others realize this too. You made me realize that pyaar hi dosti hai. I wish they could realise too. You made it normal to have a mental illness and not let the public make a fuss about it. You made a movie on us, your fans. All those people are stupid who are not your fans but saw the movie and rated it low. They don't deserve your love. And finally, I fell in love with you, with the person you are, when you said Joh maza apni pehchaan ke saath jeene mein hai ... woh kisi doosre ki parchai banne mein nahi. You made me feel the urge to be myself. Because everyone wants me to be something different from what I want and what others want. I was no more a person that i wanted to be. Everyone taught me to be like someone else. But you taught me to be like me.
    So, the next time someone teases me because i am your fan, i won't back off without saying 'rehne de, tu nahi samjhega'.

    The little girl that started this tale

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