• little_maniac 9w

    I hope just like you were in my life, I could also spread the light of love and friendship to the lives of those who lives a shady life of pain unnoticed by others. Written with lots and lots of love "To My Guardian Angel".

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    The guardian angel of my past

    Today your words remembered me
    Of my past which I always wanted to forget. Even today its trauma is haunting me,
    Forcing me to overthink.
    To think of the dangers hidden in each words. It also reminds me of the beautiful angel
    Who raised me up from its darkness.
    To the world of happiness, joy and comfort Which exclusively belong to us.
    In each moment she's with me
    You can see a smile on my face.
    Thankyou my friend ,
    For helping me to find myself
    For making that smile on my face.
    Now it's my turn to pass the light you gave me
    To ignite the life of someone else who lives in the darkness of loneliness.
    And to spread a smile on their face