• kjan012 9w

    I woke up like this

    Thinking what it is

    Is this something new

    Or another eww?

    Then I noticed it's all the same

    New year, new me?

    It's just bullshit .

    Everyone has their own new years resolution

    But mine?

    Can't find any solution

    To my own distinction.

    Then it happened

    I found my own destination

    But then it leads me to my own destruction.

    I tried to get up but I couldn't

    I couldn't because I know I'm always get beaten up

    By my own anxiety

    That slowly swallowing my whole sanity

    This challenge isn't just for champions only,

    Which I know I am.

    I've been through hell

    Which many of my friends can tell

    But I didn't gave up.

    But I thought I would.

    But I know someone wouldn't want that

    Coz I know there's a promised that cannot be broken

    And he'll be waiting for me........


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