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    Here’s to those who struggle to get out of bed every morning. To those whose eyes tear up in rage as to why they didn’t die in their sleep. The ones that choke on their own tears behind locked doors, a blood-stained knife resting in the palm of their hand.

    The people sitting in their pitch-black bedrooms at 3am, struggling to breathe from an anxiety attack. The ones that break down crying in front of their friends because they can’t take it anymore. The straight “A” student that leaves the bathroom with a cut on his wrist that wasn’t there before. The outgoing girl with a loud laugh that drinks a bit too much at every party.

    Here’s to the girl that carries a box of band-aids wherever she goes, just in case. And the boy who starves himself every night, and never seems to be energetic enough to complete daily activities. The depressed class clown dealing with his parents’ divorce, yet still makes his classmates laugh. Or the quiet girl.

    There’s a disheartening sensation that goes through you when you sit alone in your room at night. All you can hear is the osculating heater in the corner that catches as it reaches it’s impending angles and flows back into position. Sad music is playing softly on your headphones and you wonder who you’ll become and where you’ll go. You feel lost and disconnected with the rest of the world. As if you don’t belong.

    You sit on the edge of your bed and start to feel the walls closing in on you. The music quiets itself and you’re trapped inside your own head. Pessimism ambushes any positive thought and you feel so small that you don’t even try to fight it.

    It’s hard to believe that there is a point to all of this and sometimes it may seem easier to put an end to all things destructive, including yourself. However, there is so much more to life than the futile and senseless days of work and school. There is a captivating world to explore and stimulating people to meet. There’s an infinite amount of knowledge to be absorbed and euphoric nights to be experienced. Books to be read and conversations to have.

    This post is for anyone who has ever felt inconsequential, unimportant, or meaningless. This is for anyone who has ever experienced pure emptiness and for anyone looking for a reason to carry on. You are loved and you matter..

    Don't opt for suicide because you'll never know if
    Your story has a happy ending or not.. You cannot close the book too early, it won't ever open again because suicide is permanent. Endlessly permanent.
    It cannot be undone and there's no apologizing or conserding the consequences afterwards..

    Live because you’d be missed by some fragile soul who didn’t even know how much you were suffering.

    Yes. Live because you still have a future and a life to live.

    But also yes. Live because there are stormy days when you just want to dance in the rain—

    Because you love this one movie and always cry at a certain part but in a good way. Because you get a little giddy thinking about this one person who lights up your whole world. Because you love when an ice cream shop has your favorite flavor. Because the first time you get to drive on your own makes you feel free. Because seeing a dog stick its head out of a car window makes you beam. Because hot chocolate during the first winter snowfall warms you up from your lips to your fingertips. Because you like the smell of cookies baking. Because there’s this one song that you can’t stop yourself from singing along to even if it starts playing while you’re in the middle of a grocery story. Because you want to get to sample wedding cakes with your future spouse. Because you love the sound of little kids laughing. Because you love wearing your favorite jacket. Because someone left you a nice little note once and it made your day. Because everytime you walk into a bookstore your favorite book still catches your eye and you smile to yourself. Because that feeling of relief after you stop crying and get to blow your nose is so calming. Because it’s so nice getting off a plane and sighing with contentment now that you’ve reached your destination. Because it’s so nice driving home and watching the sky change colors as the sun sets. Because sometimes it’s worth getting up early for a nice breakfast that leaves you feeling comfortably full. Because a warm bath after a long day is so wonderful. Because knowing your pun is the reason people are laughing and smiling gives you such a rush. Because waking up after a long sleep and feeling energized makes you believe you can do anything. Because you get to dream. Because sometimes the person working at the coffee shop already knows your order because you’re a regular. Because someone cute will wink at you and make your heart flutter. Because jumping up and down to loud music is invigorating. Because you crossed something off your bucket list. Because sometimes you get a tight hug and feel the other person try to hang on a little longer. Because the first kiss with the right person makes you believe in soulmates. Because you get to smirk when you’re right. Because seeing a rainbow makes you want to pull out your camera and share the sight with your friends. Because you have a favorite pair of socks that makes your feet feel cozy. Because you were the only one who got an A on the really difficult test. Because you can never have too much cheese on your pasta. Because “you got the last one”. Because your favorite sports team wins every now and then. Because there’s always room for dessert. Because there’s this one stupid joke that gets you every time. Because some photos take you back to the most amazing childhood memories. Because hearing “I love you” out loud makes your heart beat a little faster. Because a specific phone notification gets you so excited. Because you feel your shoulders relax and you let out a deep breath. Because someone tells you a compliment and you feel so light the rest of the day.

    Because at least one of these has to have struck a chord and you deserve all of these good things a thousand times over for the rest of your life. Because you deserve happiness despite what that stupid voice in your head tells you..

    I hope you guys will take out some time to read this post and let your loved ones know that how much of a difference they make in your life, that without them you'd never be the same ❤️
    It's lengthy but I promise it's worth.



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