• yellowhearts 5w


    How!... how did I get into this beautiful mess,
    At first we were strangers,
    It was supposed to be a game of dares,
    I guess the kiss meant more than just a game.

    How!... how did we ever fall in love,
    No, you didn't fall,
    You just stood,
    Leading me on,
    And watched me fall
    Head over heels,
    While you made an illusion of catching me,
    And now, I'm trapped.

    Help!... Help!... Help!
    I call out, someone please help!
    Save me from Cupid's devils
    Sinking, drowning
    I don't wanna be saved
    I kinda love it here.

    Let's call it restitution,
    For all my past glories,
    In the game of mugu