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    The Girl Called Hope

    She was a wisp of a girl,
    barely existing
    or so we assumed.

    She never spoke
    keeping to herself
    at least we thought.

    We shielded ourselves from the world
    encased in obsidian armor
    head to toe.

    She refused to comply,
    donning no armor
    until she did.

    head to toe
    in flowers, leaves, and branches.

    We laughed
    mocked and sneered.
    She stood vehemently disregarding us.

    But when the storms came
    we were cast aside
    our armor cracking
    breaking in two.

    And there she stood.
    In the midst of the winds,
    her leaves flowing calmly
    her flowers glowing brightly.

    I suppose that's when we realized.
    She was stronger than we could ever be.
    That even though her greenery seemed
    fragile they could withstand anything.

    She was a wisp of a girl,
    strong and courageous
    never would we doubt this again.