• dotdotdot 5w

    Heart Eater

    Please Hold Me Up To The Sun And Watch Me Blitz Out,
    Then Toss My Remains In The Sea And Let It Rinse Out.
    Tear Me Limb From Limb,
    Decorate Me With Barb Wire.
    Peel From Skin To Skin,
    Then Throw Me Away In The Fire.

    Cause I Swear.
    I swear,I swear that you hate me for being who I am.

    You don't care.
    You don't care at all about me or who I am.

    I'm convinced,
    That you want my heart minced,
    Eat it for your pleasure,
    No rush,at your leisure.

    Cause babe I,I,yes I.
    Know you don't care.
    Heart Eater.