• voidwriter 23w

    Eternal Lover

    I see a small house filled with snow all around,
    There is a little green around it surrounded by grass and long grown trees,
    The temperature is cold and I feel warm within by covering from thick wollen sweater,
    Waiting for the snow to gaze the top of the montain,
    I see myself standing in front of the montain,
    The snow started to touch my warm face with a tinder smile on my face head held high,
    Started to sing my favorite song with little tears on my eyes,
    Waiting for the death to pass in front of my eyes,
    Such a wonderful journey so far remembering all the sweet memories that I spent with you,
    A beautiful story came to end with varying emotions my heart filled with void,
    I became a witness to everything that was happening within me,
    I became like a child curious to see everything this existence hid from me,
    I came to know I knew nothing not a tiny drop of water on leaflet,
    The 'I' was dissolved into existence and left only with tendencies,
    It took me into different dimensions but still remained as a witness,
    The energy took me upside down until 'I' was finally dissolved,
    Then I became a witness and experienced Eternal LOVE‚̧ showering from COSMOS.