• thuggacee 6w

    Ruff draft 1

    I act like this cause I know I'm fine
    Never been jelous type but I am territorial bout what's mine
    Not expensive type but with w picnic would be a way to fine wine and dine
    I slay a style they hate body on fleek my clothes and sho s match my bag
    I work none stop around the clock that's me thugga cee turt up on the caig
    I'm out here everyday thing it out number one that's serving hoes cause I'm Killin da game
    And des hoes needa know even with my id n paper work we still notyhe same
    And if you stealing my money man even clothes ya gotta know
    It's all for show in a third bread quarter horse running for show
    I shine so bright I'm glossing on these daul delicate bitches
    Attracts the wrong one can leave ya stuck orile and stiff in one the city Ditch's
    you run your mouth all you want but if You run up on me you get these hands
    No time for distraction it's time to win get these stack and rack up the a bands
    Im slumin and buming money kinda low and compared to me even ya nigga slow
    With a attitude that slashes and gashes these beats with a mean flow