• mohitkumaran 31w

    After A Month...

    After a month full of varied emotions, she texted again. After all the hate that she spread about me, she came asking for forgiveness. People called me a loser, a piece of shit, unworthy and that I was good for nothing. Little did they realise what she was telling wasnt the whole story. They bitched on me saying I wasnt worthy to have her. I didn't want to tell everyone the truth that happened. Why? I needn't prove myself to the world. Therell always be haters behind your back and trust me life without haters is very boring. I learnt to face all the hate. I told the truth to whoever necessary. I didn't want to hurt her by telling the truth to everyone. I didn't have the right to hurt her even if she did. When she asked for one last chance after all this, all i could say is 'I care for you'. Little did she realise that not only did she break my heart, she broke my trust. I could forgive her, but could never get back with her.