• lyberis 6w


    Is it something that I did,
    Some reason that I'm not good enough,
    Is it something that you hid,
    I'm sorry, but I don't understand!

    Listen to me,
    Can't you see it in my eyes,
    Please listen to me,
    Can't you have the words coming out of my mouth?

    I cried, and I screamed,
    Hoping someday you would hear,
    Now I realize, it was just something I dreamed,
    And you'll never look my way...

    Listen to me,
    Can't you tell how much it hurts
    Please listen to me,
    Don't just hear half of what I say...

    What's the point of fighting now,
    When it hurts to see you look at me that way,
    So, I'll just agree and take my final bow,
    It's too late for you to pretend you even care...