• hafsahdero 5w

    Darkness Ascending

    I was dreaming and then came a roar
    Thunder throbbing its hand on our window
    Reaching out from its clasp the immortal fruit
    My heart exploded and I woke in a dispute
    I assured myself it was just but a dream
    I thought of it a foolish news in the morning beam
    I thought no storm can catch up my breath
    Hold me down in its powerful wretched hand
    We closed the house down, with curtains covering our window
    Doors locked and lights turned off, off we go
    It started with a pleasant ride, on our way to celebrations
    But we knew naught what awaited us on the way to destruction
    I opened my eyes and saw a great dark cloud
    Reaching up to me with its mighty armour proud
    Of grey and bold, ready to plunge in a war
    The wild cloud took delight in the nature
    What awe I was in, how childish my sentiments
    I kept the memories for later reminiscence
    Its myriads fully clothed, ready to follow the civilized
    It looked me in the eye, reminding me of my sins despised
    I shook, I fearful child, hid from its fold of terror
    It followed me all the way back to my home prepared
    To show me, my true reflection of the monster within
    I still ran away from it to places hidden
    The mighty dark cloud let lose its rage on all
    Everyone facing the wrath of huge twinkling raindrops
    Smash, trap, beating down all their souls apart
    I couldn't stop, I kept running away with a woman's heart
    The great cloud destroyed in its midst everything it used to rejoice
    The trees, the grass, the plants lay mercilessly moist
    The land, the birds, the dogs winced in the wood
    The sky cried, the moon stayed silent, the stars begged
    The sun's fuming flames felt hopeless
    People screaming loud, running in malice
    The mighty great dark cloud still showed no mercy to none
    It covered in its fold the homes, the warming fireburn
    Darkness ascending, darkness the only truth we knew
    Universe slept calmly as the world was built anew