• _poetandididntknowit_ 6w

    Are we all really so different

    Are we all different? Or are we all the same?

    What's the difference, who what why when and where's the influence, it can't be a coincidence; it all seems a little conspicuous it's bloody ridiculous, life is continuous mildly meticulous mostly ambiguous.

    The game called life offers plenty to gain, not without pain shame or passing the blame; the ballgame becomes a boardgame, no pain no gain pass go collect two hundred then return to the same game.

    Clasissim and racism obstructing the true spectrum, capitalism lives and thrives materialism is our religion, Pacifism not terrorism we need to escape the system and return to believing sacred fundamentalism.

    Knowledge is power and the power of knowledge can empower even the weakest mind from seed to flower, information controls perception don't let your mind go sour by the hour, don't let go of said willpower.

    The grind is the same if you're black white or brown, make it to the top to collect said crown, head in the clouds can your feet touch the ground the game called life has us going round and round and round.

    The world's richest countries are riddled with poverty, why do we allow such blatent snobbery, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer; just sit back and play a part in this daylight robbery.

    Everyone is connected consciousness has been rejected, dejected and neglected,  our conscious minds were disconnected to allow the elite to go unsuspected, be respected and protected.

    The same metaphorical chains and hypothetical games, the only real differences are races, classes and names; wake up and realise we're all  the same before it's too late and we're nothing but remains.

    Behind the lies, cries and the blackened night skies there's still plenty of time for us to realise their plan to monopolies, capitalise and industrialise anything and everything we recognise by suprise.

    Are we so different, we're all in the same boat if we work together we'll manage to stay afloat, society is built to keep us floating round the moat and waiting on the next promissory note.

    Await the uprising the time is near we can't live our lives fueled on fear, the way it all works is really quite queer the majority of humans dazzled in the headlights like a poor deer.