• darky_scripter 22w

    All about you or us

    I could just rhym it up
    Or will i just slip down to those moment
    Hold your hand to the last i breathe
    Cuddle u up hiding u from the storm underneath
    May be i m just stubborn
    May be i m bit selfish
    But all i knew is losing you could end me up
    Could break me into all it got
    May be i would be just lost to crowd i m scared up
    May be the storm throws u up
    May be we both are lost But not to eachother
    I would stop living than loosing u rather.
    Sense me in the veins the rush of blood may shows it up
    Skip down the beats that hearts ties of .
    Yes i am bit concerned may be i am bit mad
    But if it is all that takes to protect u its least to do