• risnar 4w

    The fallen angel

    Once upon a time
    Long long back
    The angel I was,
    Archangel I was
    Giving him all he wanted
    Being everything he wanted

    The angel loved him
    Loved him so much that
    Not a day could be passed
    Without the angel meeting him

    Then came the time
    When the angel's love
    Turned to be an onus
    Irritating him, infuriating him
    Never did the angel knew
    That her love could be such a bane

    The devil, the demon, the satan
    Has the angel now become
    Never understanding him
    Thinking love was all he needed

    Thus started the rift
    Between the angel and her lover
    The angel blaming him
    And he blaming the angel

    At the end of the day
    The angel love him still
    And he loves the angel back
    But one wonders
    If that is love for real